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Ever since the year of 2003, when I first discovered that I could use silicone to paint with,
almost my entire artistic output has revolved around this fascinating and very personal technique.
Each painting on canvas and each rubber foam sculpture - or whatever new variation comes my way - represents a series of new challenges and holds exciting new solutions.

Meanwhile, the range of my previous experiments with different materials continues to influence my work.
The subjects of my work are presented as a number of chapters concerning consumerism (specially food), social and environmental human responsibilities, and largely ironic views on life in general. Further chapters consist of older, "pre-silicone-era" works such as the tv-series, 50/50, a series of small assemblages, and comix, to name but a few.
There has always been a variety of side products, such as design, graphic artwork, or theater props and costumes, which nowadays mostly flow into the collaboration futuro:marx.

I've never had much of a commercial approach in my artistic work and pretty much tend to do whatever I like.
I believe in the trapping of energy within a work of art. This energy can slowly seep out or explode in your face, according to the subject matter.

I've always lived and worked by the conviction that nothing is eternal
and everything happens in the now, which is why I sign my work:

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Take a step backwards and look at the bigger picture.